Gathered of planned activities of Civil Pension Fund Investment Company can be found in several aspects as follow;strategic planning and future perspective of the company .
In regard of making profit Civil Pension Fund Investment Company puts priority of it’s effective participation in industries that have comparative advantages in the country.
On the basis and according of our country has reach source of oil and gas and different mine and put priority of investment in oil, gas, petrochemical and mining industries and has been able to identify suitable condition for investing.
The most important purpose of this company is improvement of past investment, investment in industry that have advantages and good yields and find a suitable opportunities in future.
In this regard companies with good yield (market analysis) have been identified. This company aims to become one of the private sector investors in the field of oil, gas, petrochemical and basic metal. 
The mission of company:
  •  The mission of the company is preserving and promoting of shareholders and help to improve the welfare of retirees.
 Perspective of company: 
  •  Civil Pension Fund Investment Company will have been one of the greatest and most profitable companies in 1404 in the country. 
 The main value:
  • contribute to the development of country
  • protection and depositary of assets 
  • Using of new technology 
  • Standard of professional ethics and transparency of information
  •  Honest execution law and regulations 
  •  Preservation and promotion of efficient human capital