• Create value for our shareholders.
  • Invest in major strategic sectors with huge growth potential including petrochemicals, food, oil refinery down stream oil and gas, non-metal minerals and essential metals (energy intensive industries). 3. Capitalize on the experience, capabilities and innovation of a work force intent on creating value for the company based on professional integrity.
  • Achieve sustainable growth of a l l our subsidiaries and affiliates using a systematic management and strategy, a comprehensive information system and an effective and systematic supervisory technique to improve research and development in order to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and efficacy. 
  • Expand our presence on the local, regional and international markets by developing a competitive edge over others in reliance on forging strategic partnerships with foreign and domestic entities and optimal allocation of resources. LATEST NEWS Crude prices to grow in coming days NIOC to explore oil, gas in Oman Sea South Pars platform 18B begins operation Iran, Thailand sign oil agreement 10 Croatian firms ready to partake in Iranian oil industry Mozambique to buy Iranian urea Asia receives over 60% of Iran’s crude exports
To evolve as a regional leader in the investment community in sectors with high growth potential through optimal allocation of resources in reliance on the expertise and experience of key strategic domestic and foreign partners to achieve the maximum rate of profitability.
Background Actively traded in 1997 with an initial capital of 0.20 billion Rials, CPFlC was listed on the TSE in 2000 with a capital of 1 trillion Rials. At the time, CPFlC initially invested in petrochemicals, automotive, financial intermediaries and mining nonmetal minerals sectors. The company revisited its investing strategy to concentrate on sectors with a high added-value potential such as base metals. This move was largely due to liberalization of the Government's import policy. Inflated prices on the secondary markets made CPFlC consider investing in venture capital and private equity.
Corporate Philosophy Outperforming itself by acting as a pioneer in certain sectors, CPFlC is renowned for its sound investment strategy and high returns despite a disappointment in 2008.To improve investor confidence and monitor its performance, CPFIC's corporate philosophy underlies all its major investment decisions. CPFlC relies on core corporate values to drive its growth without losing sight of its role as a custodian and fiduciary.
Adherence to Core Value score values are responsible for our success acting as a guide to increase the earning potential for CPFIC. Over the years, we have built a reputation known for our integrity, trust, confidentiality, fairness and professionalism. A high level of commitment and dedication in our management as well as their responsiveness to shareholders and other stakeholders underpin investor confidence. Abiding by higher disclosure and other regulatory standards required for a listed company, CPFlC recognizes total compliance as the only way to promote our corporate goals and shareholders' interests. A constructive, transparent and open dialogue with shareholders, investors, regulators and other stakeholders based on fairness, mutual respect and professionalism is the blueprint for leadership at CPFIC. Core values together with innovation and an "outside the box" investing approach help define our strategy which has proven highly successful.